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Street Maintenance Zone Information

Zone Map


Zone 1: Spruce-Boulder (Spruce, Mountain Lane, Pine Street, Mountain Avenue, El Paso Avenue, Aspen, Grant, Garfield, Mount Esther, Boulder)

Zone 2: Hotel-Hondo (Hotel Street, Douglas Place, Lake Avenue, Howard Street, Illinois Avenue, Colorado Avenue, Foster Avenue, Mountain Avenue, Hondo Avenue, Denver Avenue, Rock Street, Maple Street, Oak Street, Lake Street)

Zone 3: Belvidere and all roads to the South of Belvidere (Kansas Avenue, Iona, Cottage Street, Falls Avenue, Midland Avenue)

Zone 4: Olathe-El Paso Trail (Olathe Avenue, Grand View Avenue, Ann Street, Catamount Street, Myrtle Street, Florence Street, Ora Street, El Paso Trail, Green Mountain Falls Road.



Snow Removal

Snow Plowing Operations & Procedures 


Contact Information

Email: pworks@gmfco.us
Phone: 719-684-7850

We ask members of the public not approach employees working on the road with work requests; instead, continue to submit requests for service online using the button below.

Report a Nonemergency Issue

Members of the public are always welcomed to call Town Hall with any questions or concerns at 719-684-9414. Thank you for your continued support!