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Street Maintenance Zone Information

Zone Map

Repeating Weekly Schedule for Four Maintenance Zones

Zone 1: Spruce-Boulder (Spruce, Mountain Lane, Pine Street, Mountain Avenue, El Paso Avenue, Aspen, Grant, Garfield, Mount Esther, Boulder)

Zone 2: Hotel-Hondo (Hotel Street, Douglas Place, Lake Avenue, Howard Street, Illinois Avenue, Colorado Avenue, Foster Avenue, Mountain Avenue, Hondo Avenue, Denver Avenue, Rock Street, Maple Street, Oak Street, Lake Street)

Zone 3: Belvidere and all roads to the South of Belvidere (Kansas Avenue, Iona, Cottage Street, Falls Avenue, Midland Avenue)

Zone 4: Olathe-El Paso Trail (Olathe Avenue, Grand View Avenue, Ann Street, Catamount Street, Myrtle Street, Florence Street, Ora Street, El Paso Trail, Green Mountain Falls Road.

(Note that portions of Ute Pass Ave. will be maintained each week by corresponding zone designation)   

During each designated zone week, work will include: Fence Repairs, Pothole Repair, Grading, Watering and Rolling Roads, Maintaining Dirt & Concrete Ditches, Ditch Clean-Outs, Culvert Flushes and Repairs, Sediment Removal, Road Building, Placement of Delineators and Reflectors, Signs, and Rip-Wrap

Please be mindful of this schedule throughout the season and make all efforts to keep the public-right-of way clear of vehicles, trash containers, and any other obstructions that might impede maintenance operations.   Also keep in mind that Town staff cannot maintain private driveways, access points, etc.


Snow Removal

Snow Plowing Operations & Procedures 


Contact Information

Email: pworks@gmfco.us
Phone: 719-684-7850

We ask members of the public not approach employees working on the road with work requests; instead, continue to submit requests for service online using the button below.

Report a Nonemergency Issue

Members of the public are always welcomed to call Town Hall with any questions or concerns at 719-684-9414. Thank you for your continued support!