Wildfire Reality


According to the site wildfirerisk.org, a community’s wildfire risk is the combination of likelihood and intensity (together called “hazard”) and exposure and susceptibility (together called “vulnerability”).  Unfortunately for residents of Green Mountain Falls and the Ute Pass area, we are rated as one of the most vulnerable areas in the United States.   

In order to address this risk, the Town has formed a Fire Mitigation Advisory Committee.  Pursuant to Ordinance 2020-03, the FMAC's purpose is "to advise the Board of Trustees and to coordinate with El Paso County Emergency Management, the Colorado State Patrol, and other governmental agencies on fire-related issues affecting the Town, and to develop a notification and evacuation plan for the Green Mountain Falls Community". 

Part of the FMAC's mission is also to educate the public, specifically residents of Green Mountain Falls, about fire mitigation efforts everyone can and should take, resources available to help with mitigation, volunteer opportunities, and the consequences of not acting.  

What you can do:

wildfire photo