Planning Commission

The Green Mountain Falls Planning Commission is a five-member advisory body appointed by the Board of Trustees. The Commission’s powers and authority is codified in Green Mountain Falls Municipal Code Article IX, Section 2-221 and Colorado Revised Statutes.

Regular meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at Town Hall. The meeting agenda is posted the first Friday of the month. Once approved, meeting minutes are made available to the public on the Town website.

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Approved November 2019 Ordinance 2019-05 established that Commissioners may serve three (3) three (3)-year terms. A Planning Commission roster with term dates is posted at the bottom of every agenda.


Transparent Decision-Making

All GMF Planning Commissioners and Applicants are reminded that the integrity of an advisory body is maintained when the public trusts that decisions are being made through a transparent, fair process. The article, Talking Behind the Public’s Back – The Ex-Parte Problem, by Ted Shekell, AICP,  on PlannersWeb, explains how staff, board members, and applicants are all responsible in creating an environment of impartial decision-making.

Please do not contact the Planning Commission directly with questions about Land Use Approvals. Town Hall staff is here to answer any questions you have.


2023 GMF Planning Commission Members

Lamar Mathews, Chair

Lisa Bonwell

Ann Esch

Rocco Blasi

Mike Frey


We Need YOU!

A successful Planning Commission is a body of citizen volunteers with diverse backgrounds and experience. If you are interested in how your town is planned, developed, and conserved, consider applying. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Planning meetings are held monthly at Town Hall, 6:30 p.m. and last 30 - 90 minutes. Training in Robert’s Rules, Parliamentary Procedure, and Community Planning is offered annually. Opportunities to attend continuing education conferences are available.

Please consider learning more about volunteering on any of our Boards by making an appointment with staff.

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