GMF Town Hiking Information

Green Mountain Falls maintains a public trails system consisting of 20 miles of magnificent, pedestrian trails used year-round by locals and numerous visitors. These trails provide access to thousands of acres of national forest land, two scenic waterfalls and three large fishing reservoirs on the nearby North Slope of Pikes Peak.




Catamount Reservoir Closure Details & QR Code

For the best experience, download the interactive map and Avenza mobile app. Includes your position, contour lines, and trailheads. Usable offline if map and app are already downloaded to your cell phone prior to arriving at the trails.

Hiking Map and App

For a low-tech experience, download the simple PDF File

Hiking Map (PDF)

Hiker Parking Areas


AREA A Parking spaces on the northern side of Ute Pass Ave. from Oak St. to the bridge and the southern side of Olathe at Ute Pass Ave. Also at the Pool Park along Ute Pass Ave.

AREA B Parking spaces on the southwest side of Ute Pass Ave. beween Lake St. and Foster Ave. Also on Hotel St. between Ute Pass Ave. and El Paso Ave. and on the northeast side of El Paso Ave, just east of Hotel St.

AREA C Ute Pass Ave. at Mountain Rd.

AREA D Ute Pass Ave. and Joyland Church

Bikes are not allowed on any trails except the American Discovery Trail.

parking area map

The Hiker Five


Be Respectful
Stay on the marked trails.
Pack out trash and dog waste.

Be Prepared
Bring water and sunscreen.
Wear layers and proper shoes for hiking.

Be Informed
Be knowledgeable of trail difficulty and
conditions. Check the weather.

Be Courteous
Keep residential roads passable for vehicles.
Keep dogs on a leash.

Be Appreciative
Participate in the quiet of the woods.
Observe wildlife from afar.


All measurements approximate (*Distances from the Welcome Center)

Trail Name

Round Trip Distance
Vertical Gain

Trail Notes

American Discovery Trail ADT Logo

1.25 miles - one way 186’

Bike Friendly

Blue Dot w/Black B  

1.7 miles - one way 500’

Valley views Connects Dewey & Catamount

Catamount - “The Gem of GMF trails”
Blue Dot 

Catamount Falls: 2 miles* Garden of Eden: 4 miles* Reservoirs: 6.3 miles* 1600’

Catamount Falls -> Garden of Eden meadow -> Reservoirs Scenic outlooks


.2 miles* Flat

Easy  walk along the creek Art walk, shopping, food

Blue Dot 

3.6 miles* 1700’

80+ switchbacks, steep

Dewey (Top)
Purple Dot 

2.3 miles* 720’

Very little shade

Purple Dot  & Blue Dot w/Black B 

4.2 miles* 1450’

Very little shade

Green Dot 

1.6 miles - one way* 240’

Connects to Wallace trails

Pittman/Turrell Trails
Start at Joyland Parking Lot

1.25 miles 300’

Family-friendly Scenic view of town Turrell art

Yellow Dot 

2.6 miles* 360’

Crosses Catamount Falls, Connects Catamount & Crystal Falls

Wallace Reserve
Park at Ute Pass Ave & Mountain Rd

2.0 miles Various

family-friendly Various looping connections