Wildfire Mitigation Resources


The Fire Mitigation Advisory Committee (FMAC) is currently engaging with the Coalition for the Upper South Platte (CUSP) to mitigate undeveloped town rights-of-way.  See maps of the areas here.  If you are a property owner adjacent to one of these rights-of-way, you will be getting a mailing with more information.  

Here is a mitigation resource page, compiled by the Town's Fire Mitigation Advisory Committee.

The Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) provides a ton of valuable wildfire mitigation and forest health information.  They even have a news releases page and YouTube channel that you can subscribe to.  Below are some specific links that you may find helpful as you learn about what mitigation steps you should take on your property. 

Their publications page contains a lot of information about tree disease and recommended landscaping, but perhaps most importantly:

Please take some time to review these pages and the other information the CSFS provides.  

When planning mitigation work on your property, look for landscape professionals who specialize in fire mitigation efforts.  

Review our CUSP Program page to see if you are eligible for grant funding that could cover some of your mitigation costs.  

wildfire on a hill