Zoning Code Rewrite

Zoning Code Rewrite

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The GMF Office of Planning and Land Use has released an information letter, which includes a survey about the project. Click here to read the letter.



The zoning code rewrite project kicked off during the Planning Commission Meeting on 3/9/21!  To view the presentation slides, click here. 

How can I be involved?

Green Mountain Falls is committed to community engagement throughout this entire process. This effort will include a newsletter, a survey, community input meetings, and Planning Commission meetings and there will be multiple opportunities to learn, review and provide comment on the new zoning code.

Here is what is coming next:


  • April 1 Newsletter with survey
  • April 27 Community input meeting
  • Upcoming Annotated outline presentation


Why now?

The existing zoning code is outdated, and needs to be updated to keep up with the significant changes that have occurred since it was written. We want to make sure we have the planning tools to preserve what makes Green Mountain Falls exceptional and to continue to improve as our community grows. A new zoning code is also necessary to successfully implement the goals of the 2019 Comprehensive Plan.


What are the current zoning concerns?

Feedback from survey will be presented here.


How will this project help our city?

This project will:

  • Make the zoning code more user-friendly and easier to understand.
  • Update development review procedures.
  • Update zoning and overlay districts.
  • Revise use regulations.
  • Improve development standards.
  • Address goals identified in 2019 Comprehensive Plan

How long will this project take?

The project formally launched in March 2021, and the process to create the new zoning code is anticipated to occur in three phases:

  • Phase 1- Code Diagnosis, Late Winter 2021
  • Phase 2- Code Update, Spring and Summer 2021
  • Phase 3- Draft Final Zoning Code and Adoption, Late Autumn 2021

Click here to take the survey.

If you have other ideas on the project you would like to share, please send your comments to staff@gmfco.us


What is a Zoning Code?

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History and Types of Zoning (Coming Soon)