Comprehensive Plan Update



The Planning Commission recently signed a resolution adopting the 2019 Comprehensive Plan!

Follow this link to take a look! 2019 Comp Plan

Thank you to everyone who worked on the project!!


Green Mountain Falls creates and updates a long-range planning document to appropriately direct and manage future growth, as required by Colorado Revised Statutes.

Municipalities and counties are authorized to prepare comprehensive plans as a long-range guiding document for a community to achieve its vision and goals. The comprehensive plan provides the policy framework for regulatory tools like zoning, subdivision regulations, annexations, and other policies. A comprehensive plan promotes the community\'s vision, goals, objectives, and policies, establishes a process for orderly growth and development, addresses both current and long-term needs, and provides for a balance between the natural and built environment. Elements addressed in a comprehensive plan may include recreation and tourism (required by state statutes), transportation, land use, economic development, affordable housing, environment, parks and open space, natural and cultural resources, hazards, capital improvements, water supply and conservation, efficiency in government, sustainability, energy, and urban design. More information is available Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Comprehensive Plan Site.

The most recent plan update, Plan GMF, hosted outreach events at various local venues throughout 2018 and 2019. The first outreach planning charrette and Phase One Information Packet were captured and reported by Logan Simpson, the Plan GMF consulting team.

The final 2019 Comprehensive Plan was approved by the Planning Commission in June 2019 and emphasized the importance of GMF's character and history while identifying changes in trends and regional systems and listening to community values.

Town of Green Mountain Falls Comprehensive Plan, adopted June 25, 2019

Green Mountain Falls Comprehensive Plan, 2007