Join the Efforts!

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Good Morning Green Mountain Falls!
There are still plenty of opportunities to help our Community!
Please volunteer to be a part of the solution!

Trail Ambassadors: See our video training here 

This group is dedicated to helping the hikers and trails in Town so come out to join us! Our next meeting is at 9AM the 22nd at the Town Hall! We will meet in person to do more training! Come join us!

Signage & Parking Project: Volunteers have been going on short walks to help map our current signage. This will help with the Town's Comprehensive Signage & Parking Plan for Green Mountain Falls! We have gotten so far and still need help!

Advisory Boards/Committees: Committees work closely in an advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees to help guide the Town vision. We are always accepting applications for Advisory Board membership seats.

• Parks, Recreation, & Trails Committee NEARLY FULL!

• Fire Mitigation Committee

• Board of Adjustment

• Planning Commission NEARLY FULL!

Please fill out and submit your applications to Call 719-684-9414 ext. 1 with any questions. The forms can be found here;

There are plenty of ways for everyone to participate and be a part of solution(s) to the challenges and opportunities we are facing in our Community.

Thank you for all your time, effort, and continued support.

Town of Green Mountain Falls
PO Box 524
Green Mountain Falls, CO 80819
Phone: 719.684.9414 ext. 1